Physics 12

Download notes from a combination of Mr.Marr’s duotang and the Giancoli textbook (4th edition).    

Vector Kinematics: Relative Velocity  &  Projectile Motion

Vector Dynamics

Momentum & Impulse: Linear & Vector &  Work, Energy, Power

Equilibrium: static, translational, rotational (torque)

Circular Motion  &  Gravitation

Summary of Formulas: Gravitation


Electrical ForcesElectrical Fields, Parallel Plates Theory & Electrical Potential

Summary of Formulas: Electrostatics

Circuitry  &  Circuitry Examples (from Provincial Exam)

Electromagnetism (part 1)  &  Magnetism (supplemental from Giancoli)

Electromagnetism (part 2)

Summary of Formulas: Electromagnetism

(Notes recent as of 2008/2009)




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